Host and Sell your Course online with Enlight

With Enlight you can:

  • Monetise your content to the world with online courses
  • Create Marketing Funnels that Drive leads and sales 24/7
  • Build a Membership site with monthly recurring revenue
  • Train and indoctrinate your team (employees and franchisees)
  • Create onboarding procedures for new recruits and clients
  • Build low-cost introductory services for your business
  • Host your entire website and videos on a secure, robust platform

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15X greater completion rates.

Industry "average" online course completion rate
Completion rate considered "exceptional" by the industry
enlights' completion rate across tens of thousands of students

with enlight you can.

Monetize your content with online courses using various question types, videos and more to build paying subscribers.
Create onboarding procedures for new recruits and clients.
Create Marketing Funnels that drive leads and sales 24/7 to your course.
Build low cost introductory services for your business.
Build a Membership site with monthly recurring revenue.
Host your entire website and videos on a secure, robust platform.

build. market. teach.

Branding & Custom Domains

The dashboard and courses are branded with your logo and a co-branded domain.

Unlimited Pages

You can build your entire website on enlight, with Pages.

Multiple User Access

Enlight provides 5 different levels of User Access.

Funnels & Upselling

Enlight was built with funnels in mind.


Enlight will advise and help you setup advertisements to get more students enrolled.

Multiple Languages

With enlight you can publish courses in 12 different languages.

Student Membership

Build recurring revenue with a Student Membership.

Payment Integration & Coupons

Enlight integrates with your Stripe account.

Instructor and Student Manger Roles

The Instructor's role is to help students through their courses.

enlight. engage.

Instructor & Student Chat

If a student runs into difficulty, can't progress through the course or is confused in any way, they can easily chat directly with an Instructor, via the Student Chat.

Hi John, I’ll mark them right now. Hang tight.Very well done! You passed!When will you mark my answers?Type your message here…Awesome. I’m really enjoying this training.You’re doing great John. Keep going!Student Chat

Student Points

enlight provides a Student Point system to monitor student progress. Because some steps may be harder than others, each step of a course can be assigned a different point value.


Student Resources

Via their dashboard, students have easy access to resources such as videos and downloads that are part of a course.

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