WYZA - Basics of Business Ownership

Get a kickstart to planning your new business (course cost is USD, approx $350 AUD)

Welcome to the WYZA Basics of Business Ownership Program

Get a kickstart to planning your new business (course cost is USD, approx $350 AUD)

(Please note: The course cost is $275 in USD or approximately $350 in AUD depending on Exchange Rate)

Welcome to the Basics of Business Ownership. The course is practical and pragmatic. It is not about the getting a ‘passing grade’ – it is about building your knowledge and importantly your ability to apply that knowledge in running a business.

It is also self-paced. You can choose to block out a few days and complete it all in one hit or do a few exercises at a time in between your other commitments.

All we ask is do them diligently, and ensure in your own mind that you have got as much out of the exercises as you can. Our goal is for you to feel confident about the content and that you could indeed use that skill in your business. Whether it is researching a market, or hiring an employee, or briefing a supplier, or checking on the quality of your product or service.

There is no doubt the content covered in this course is useful in any business. It is equally beyond doubt that in surveys of over 10,000 business owners, that these topics are the ones they have the most challenges with. It is why our book and this course exists in the first place – because business owners needed the help.

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