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EF Owning a Business Course

Course Description:

The EF owning a business course will provide you with a strong and comprehensive plan for starting and running a successful business.
You'll complete close to 50 practical exercises on your business including understanding your value, your ideal client, your financial readiness and much much more.

Reverse engineered from surveys of over 10000 business owners on the challenges they faced in running a business, here you'll find it all laid out in perfect sequence
to getting your business up and running.

We've worked with over 500 business owners to deliver more than $2billion in revenue growth over the last 20 years. We've found the most successful business owners
are the ones that pay close and careful attention to the 8 steps for success, ensuring that each has proper attention to build a strong and prosperous business.

1. Learn how to set and achieve your goals and get others to follow you on the journey.

2. Build market and customer knowledge for the perfect market positioning for your business

3. Be able to understand the needs of customers and sell your business offer to them

4. Understand why finances and managing money are so important

5. Learn the secret ingredients to strong quality control

6. Be able to manage people from suppliers to partners to staff

7. Understand why delivering on your promises is the road to prosperity

8. Adapt your self to the changing business environment. 


$ 350.00 USD

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