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Business Owners Course in Marketing

Course Description:


Plan, Implement and Measure your own Marketing Plan

To be competent as a business owner in marketing strategy you need to do the following:

  1. Understand your market, your ideal customer, your competition and yourself
  2. Put this understanding into a strategic marketing plan
  3. Implement, measure and refine your plan over time to develop a workable marketing program for your business

In this course you'll complete a sequence of practical exercises to start you on this journey, all based on our close to 20 years
experience working with over 500 clients and helping them to over $2billion revenue growth.

The book is based on our founders first book - Marketing has no Off Switch - and details our five step model of strategic marketing
which has been hailed by clients, readers and critics alike as the 'magic formula' to marketing for businesses small and large.


$ 65.00 USD

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