Eight Steps to Business Success

by Hunter Leonard

Do you aspire to run a business? Or run one and finding it challenging? 

We surveyed over 10000 existing business owners and found there are eight areas in common that business owners find challenging. 

We've also benchmarked more than 250 business owners on these eight areas to find out their own rating of their skills in these areas.

In this article, our founder discusses the eight steps to business success to help you on your journey. 

Would you like to start and run a successful business?

I'm certain the answer to this question is yes. 

And I'm sure it would be yes from anyone who wants to or is running a business now.

We all start out with good intentions and dreams of success in business.

But many businesses end up failing.

And we've found that failure is preceded by trouble, and trouble by challenges. 

And these challenges fit into 8 categories. 

Which also answers the question why we say there are 8 steps to business success.

Because if you're not handling these eight areas in your business, you cannot succeed.

The 8 areas are:

Strategy and Leadership - you have be to be able set achiievable goals, then achieve them with a strategic plan and along the way you'll have to get others to follow you

Marketing and PR - if you can't understand, create and deliver value and talk about this to customers, prospects and get others to talk about you, you'll have trouble growing your business

Sales - if you can't sell your idea to someone in exchange for money then you won't be able to sell it to thousands

Money - money is the biggest challenge faced by business - cashflow and finance is one the main reasons for failure

People - staff, suppliers, customers - managing people is important

Quality - whatever level of quality you aim for, yuo must meet that level consistently

Client service - delivering on promises and servicing clients is critical to their experience

Adapt - you'll need to adapt to changing market conditions in order to be successful over the long term.

Our entire business is framed around supporting business owners like you with books, advisory services, workshops and courses on the skills and systems that will
help you address these 8 steps to success. Enjoy the journey and reach out if you need some help.


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