Silver & Wise courses are for mature entrepreneurs wanting to achieve financial security through business ownership

Silver & Wise has books, workshops and online learning programs to help mature individuals who are starting their first business at 40 or beyond.

There are free resources on this website such as benchmarks, blog articles and a knowledge centre. Take advantage of these, and when you’re ready purchase our Founder’s book – Generation Experience, or sign up for one of our workshops or online courses.

We look forward to meeting you.

Because we’re in the business of creating prosperous business owners, all of our products and services are designed in a step-by-step pathway to orient you to what is needed to become a successful business owner.

At each stage, from our Founder’s book to our scorecards and courses and workshops, you will be given resources and tools to allow you to DO IT YOURSELF.

Course Name:

Mini Business Ownership Program

Course Description:

A short introduction to what it takes to be a successful business owner.

This course is offered at no cost to aspiring business owners. It takes the form of an interview where, if you can imagine, our founder is asking you the questions and encouraging you to write your answers.

No one will see the answers unless you choose to share them, but on completion, you’ll have a clear picture of your strengths, the skills you’ll need to become a successful business owner, and also the barriers and concerns you have in starting your business.

Along with the interview, we have a few questions on skills you can rate yourself on.

Together, the answers you give and the benchmarking of the questions will form a very useful tool for you in becoming a business owner.

Enjoy the course

The Silver & Wise team



Course Name:

Basics of Business Ownership

Course Description:

Get a kickstart to starting your new business

The basics of business ownership course follows the content of our best selling book - Generation Experience - and will provide you with a strong and

comprehensive plan for starting and running a successful business. You'll complete close to 50 practical exercises on your business including understanding

your value, your ideal client, your financial readiness and much much more. Reverse engineered from conversations with over 10000 business owners on 

the challenges they faced in running a business, here you'll find it all laid out in perfect sequence to getting your business up and running. We trust you'll enjoy the 

journey to financial security through business ownership and welcome to the Silver & Wise Generation Experience community!



Course Name:

Mini Course in Marketing Strategy

Course Description:

A free introductory course in marketing strategy

Welcome to the FREE Introductory course in Marketing Strategy, from our sister company Blue Frog Marketing. With surveys of more than 10000 business owners, and having consulted to over 50 companies in 20 industries in the last 16 years, we've developed an effective five step method to help you develop your marketing strategy. Better marketing will deliver more high value customers to your business. 

But most business owners are confused and don't know where to start. 

Start here with this short course in understanding the components of marketing strategy.



Course Name:

Business Owners Course in Marketing

Course Description:


Plan, Implement and Measure your own Marketing Plan

To be competent as a business owner in marketing strategy you need to do the following:

  1. Understand your market, your ideal customer, your competition and yourself
  2. Put this understanding into a strategic marketing plan
  3. Implement, measure and refine your plan over time to develop a workable marketing program for your business

In this course you'll complete a sequence of practical exercises to start you on this journey, all based on our close to 20 years
experience working with over 500 clients and helping them to over $2billion revenue growth.

The book is based on our founders first book - Marketing has no Off Switch - and details our five step model of strategic marketing
which has been hailed by clients, readers and critics alike as the 'magic formula' to marketing for businesses small and large.

$ 65.00 USD


Get the
“Generation Experience”